Question 1

What kind of San culture and traditions survive today and what has changed in your daily life after your experience together with Bushmen?
The above question leads me first to qualify my thinking on the calling of these people San or Bushmen.
San, for me, is nothing more than a convenient anthropological generic. In the South African context it is the same as calling all black people ‘Bantu’. I believe that this is an inappropriate insult … these people’s have names, tribal names, and I insist that we learn what they are and use them accordingly.
The last Bushman tribe that I lived with for three years in the early 1980’s called themselves /Gwikwe. In their own language /Gwi means ‘bush’, and kwe means ‘people’, and so I correctly call them Bushmen. If I lived amongst the /Aiekwe who have been academically and wrongly labeled as the Naro, I would correctly call them /Aiekwe – ‘the people who walk on stones’.
These simple respects are a beginning to building a relationship of understanding.