Human beings

The radio interview yesterday with RSG was interesting on a few levels.  I had to speak in Afrikaans which is not my first language, and which although quite a challenge seemed nonetheless to evoke the right response in the audience.

Something of great significance that always arises for me when talking about the Bushmen, is this absolute resonance that so many people have with the subject . . . it is as if there is something still present as content in their souls which remembers, which remembers that they too were once First People, for there was a time on this earth when all humans were archetypal in both form and manner.  This primal memory is neither frivolous nor fanciful . . . it is a very real residual memory which lives within the Soul memory of many people today.  It is my understanding that we were all once ‘first people’.

6 thoughts on “Human beings

  1. Hi Paul.

    It was great to meet you today and it was a rather interesting conversation. I look forward to reading your book. You now have my contact details. All the best as your book is released.


    • Sometimes it is life that decides what must be done, and one
      simply listens to what is asked.
      Even while making the film, People of the Great Sand Face, all
      those years ago, I was acutely aware of how much more there
      was to say, how much more of the story of this ancient race
      needed to be told. I was writing the book then, in the desert,
      in the minutest of fonts into a tiny notebook, and the whole
      content thereof, after much thinking and learning is the
      foundation for my book ‘The Bushman Winter Has Come’.

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