A long walk on The Great Sand Face

Paul001It has taken me twenty eight years of learning, so that I could finish this book and get the story into the world.  To bring to cognition all that I had experienced and taken in as memory in bone and blood, to somehow extract that experience and bring it into a word-form that would truthfully express the Soul nature of the First People.   It has been a long and profound journey for me, to find within myself the wisdom to bring the truth of another people into the world . . . and at the end of it to see that the truth of the ‘other’ is in effect my own truth . . . and that essentially, is part of what I hope this book will bring to bear in our world.

6 thoughts on “A long walk on The Great Sand Face

  1. Well done Paul. Looking forward to the book, it’s long overdue.
    Heard your radio interview this morning, very interesting, I do hope you will do further talks on the subject.

    • Thanks Steven. Ja, it seems that that’s the way to go, and it makes sense anyway, because the aspect of Soul and Spirit does not easily express through a technical two dimensional medium, we also need the actual soul contact, the living dimension of life itself . . . so talks it is, the human voice, and I will have to see what comes. But I must say, this blog business has some interesting and unexplored potential for me.

  2. I heard you on Capetalk/704 talking to Aubrey – it was the most fascinating interview I have heard him do and I am pleased he is going to talk to you again. I wish they would speak to you during one of the morning shows, more people need to hear what you have to say. Aubrey did the interview justice as well, as he asked the questions we were asking ourselves at home and because he got exactly what you were saying and made it easier for us lesser beings to understand, by repeating and checking your meaning. You have SUCH a wonderful way of story telling in such a calm manner, that what you have to say is remembered. I loved the story of how the land was signed over. Your passion for the bushmen people is obvious and thank you for telling us more than we have ever known about them.

    • Thanks for that Jenny. It’s always good to encounter an intelligence which includes the aspect of Soul in it’s thinking . . . just as I despair at the soul-dead intellect which seems to prevail more and more in modern human thinking.
      It’s still early days for the book, but I hope that this blog site will become a platform for some worthwhile future dialogue.
      I enjoyed talking with Aubrey, and anticipate doing some more talks with him, probably next week Wed/Thur . . . he’s a good human. I have been asked to do a daytime talk-show with Jenny Crwys-Williams 702, sometime in June at the Origins Centre at Wits University, so that should reach a whole different audience . . . stay posted. I hope you get to read my book. paul

    • Dear Paul,
      Thank you for sharing all these years of knowledge wth us, I have read your beautifull book, and keep reading parts of it in order to be reminded… We need to hear more about our true selves, we have lost our ancient ways of being one with the universe. I am so looking forward to hear more from you. Take care.

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